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The most reliable, affordable and flexible live-in childcare solution.

Finding the right child care provider can be challenging. It’s important to choose an option that will work best for your family's schedule, budget, needs, and lifestyle. Our Au Pair 4 Me cultural exchange program serves affordable, flexible, unique, and exciting childcare support that provides outstanding au pairs from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a host family in our program, you'll be able to enjoy flexible, reliable schedules, loving care, and a fixed cost for hosting your au pair whether you have one child or three!

Au Pairs Daycare Centers Nannies
Flexibility Au PairsSchedule based on your family’s needs. You set your au pair’s working hours. You don’t have to worry about drop-off and pick-up times. Daycare CentersSpecific drop-off and pick-up times. Limited due to vacations, holidays. NanniesMay have limitations due to personal commitments, vacations, etc.
Cost Au PairsPer family, average weekly cost of $355. Daycare CentersPer child, costs range from $11,000 to $14,000 per year. NanniesPer child, average weekly cost of $750 depending on the area of the country.
Pre-screening and training (CPR, first aid and child care training) Au PairsAll au pairs are carefully screened and undergo a comprehensive background check. They have at least 200 hours of recent child care experience and attend intensive orientation program prior arrival to the host family. Daycare CentersUsually pre-screened and trained, but their experience may vary. NanniesIt is your responsibility to pre-screen a nanny. Their training and experience may vary. They usually do not have CPR, first aid and child care training.
Help with household duties Au PairsYes, au pairs will help you with all child related duties. Daycare CentersNo NanniesNo
One-on-one attention Au PairsYes Daycare CentersNo NanniesNo
Year-long, local support Au PairsYes Daycare CentersNo NanniesNo
Coverage for sick days and date nights Au PairsYes Daycare CentersNo NanniesNo
Exposure to other languages and cultures Au PairsYes Daycare CentersNo NanniesNo

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